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What would be different in your leadership and life if you had a Coach?

A great coach is someone who can see something in you that you cannot see, with the ability to take you somewhere deep within yourself where you cannot go by yourself. Understanding how vital this is to anyone wanting to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

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Kevin has helped us identify areas in which we can improve our communication and administrative efficiencies and has challenged us to grow as a team with intention and focus in ways that we would not have thought of on our own.  Kevin impacts not only our business, but more importantly he is a positive influence at a personal level.

Neal D. Clemens, CLU, ChFC

Covenant Financial Advisors, President


Kevin has approached coaching differently and more effectively than any other coach I've worked with. He's available. He truly listens. He's creative in finding solutions that work personally for our business. He is wise beyond his years, and very perceptive. My time working with Kevin over the last 3 years has proven successful on many fronts. Kevin’s our team member.


Karl Bear, Principle  Cassel Bear

Kevin was our strategic planning consultant at an important point in the history of our national trade association. He led our board through a long-term planning process that now gives us a vision and a track to run on. None of us had ever been through that before. It was like herding cats. A bunch of type A CEOs in a room for long hours, trying to develop consensus and conviction, but Kevin got it done. If I was making up a bumper sticker it would say, “Kevin is our copilot!”

Shawn F. Christman  SMA President 

Stairbulders and Manufacturers Association 

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