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Programs and Events

There is nothing like getting people together and unleashing the power of collaboration. Our programs and events, whether live or virtual, are immersive and unconventional. The late singer Lou Reed would call it, "Taking a walk on the wild side". At Invisible Insights we know that on the other side of that "wild walk" lives opportunity and rapid growth. Check out our programs and event line up and experience the wild world of Invisible Insights.

You won't be disappointed.

Epic Level Up Events and Online Experiences

A Lunch n Learn Like No Other!

Introducing The Invisible Edge "Level Up Lunch"

High octane thrashing, ground breaking concepts with the sole purpose of implementation and impact! Bring your "A Game" and leave your ego at the door, cuz we're gonna get after it.

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Business Owners Only Mastermind

In 1911 29 Physicists were Invited. 17 of the 29 won the Nobel Prize in Physics years after the photo was taken. You didn't get invited because you won the Noble Prize, you won because you were invited.

A great mastermind group has a clear platform and expectations. When you attend one, you look around and say, “Wow, I need to raise my game. There are some incredible people here, the level of collective wisdom is so powerful and everyone is so humble. It makes me believe that I have so much growing to do, and if I push myself even harder, there’s a lot of opportunity ahead.”

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Tyler Miller

Thankfully our company invested in a person like Kevin in order to help develop us as leaders and to understand the fundamentals of building a team to create an atmosphere of success. His wealth of business and entrepreneurship knowledge has built a strong foundation for me to become successful in my current and future entrepreneur endeavors.


Linda Allison

Engaging Kevin to coach me while I started my consulting business was a pivotal decision in it's success. Kevin not only gave me key insights into the different approaches I could take to define my offering and market it, he helped me navigate through the self-discovery process that is allowing me to hit the sweet spot between my experiences and needs and products that add value to my clients. I wouldn't be where I am now in my business without his input. 


Nick Mullet

Kevin, I want to say a big thank you for what you have done for me. Your energy, attitude and care for others has helped change the course of our company. Your focus of investing in people's lives only works when the person giving it is genuine. Thank you for being real and being available to us as we continue to pursue our vision.


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